7 pages. Students will enjoy "chopping down" their trees and making a group/set by matching them to the appropriate number as they cut and paste them to this adorable booklet.
11 pages. Learning numbers 1-10 is "snow" much fun using this old-time favorite tune. Reinforce addition and subtraction skills by singing the song.
6 pages. 11 page booklet, + 4 skill sheets, + 1 page of color snowflake manipulatives.
11 pages. Review and reinforce numbers 1-10 with this favorite tune.
11 pages. Reinforce and review numbers 1-10 as well as addition skills with this wonderful old-fashioned song. Sing it backwards and review subtraction as well.
17 pages. Your students will Choo-Choo choose to have fun with this adorable 7-page counting book that comes with 10 skill sheets!
92 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d A themed page for the months of September through May. There is a set for numbers 1-10 where students match the group of themed objects at the top with the numeral below.
83 pages. January through May. Review spatial directions, colors, and numbers with these wonderful manipulatives you can make for your flannel or white board.
67 pages. September through December monthly word manipulatives. Review spatial directions, numbers, and colors with these themed pieces.
11 pages. A great gift for Mother's Day would be for their child to make this colorful booklet and read it to mommy!
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