81 pages of cent-sational lessons!
13 pages. Children will enjoy practicing their fine motor and spatial direction skills by cutting and pasting pennies where they belong.

6 pages. Common Core State Standards: L.K.2a, L.K.2b, RF.K.3c, L.1.2b, RF.1.1a, K.G.2 What shape is inside the center of the dollar?

11 pages. A penny for your thoughts will get you 10. Come count them again and again!
7 pages. Oh no! The valentines are disappearing! Can your students practice their subtraction skills and solve the math mystery?
8 pages. How many pennies will I need to buy this valentine?
7 pages. A heart-felt way to increase fine motor skills by making groups/sets of hearts and matching them to the correct number by cutting and pasting.
11 pages. Sing the song while you practice numbers 1-10 and review addition and subtraction skills in a fun way! Children trace and write numbers and number words. Read the booklet aloud to review concepts of print.
10 pages. A fun way to help students reinforce counting, sequencing numbers, and number word recognition, as they cut and glue the appropriate playing card to their valentine booklet.
7 pages. Children won't be afraid to practice their subtraction skills with these groundhogs, but will they be able to solve the math mystery?
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