Classroom Management

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Are your students a bit energized throughout December, in anticipation of the holidays? Mine certaily are!


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"Stop Look & Listen" safety poster.

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Do you want your kiddos to become instantly quiet? Do you need to get your students' attention? Without saying a word, hold up "Zippy" your laminated "Please zip your lips!" poster. 

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Here are 10 back to school classroom management posters, to help celebrate the best year yet! 

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Hot tips for your bulletin board borders.

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Often teachers are so busy teaching, that sometimes they can miss important things that are happening in their students' lives.  Putting up a tweet board on a door, wall or bulletin board, helps you stay informed and builds community.  A more caring classroom will be created. This is a special FREEBIE in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to grab your copy today:Sweet Tweets.

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Ready! Set! Action! is an interesting and fun way to help your students learn about verbs.  This game also acts as a classroom management technique to help students "get the wiggles out".  Students enjoy the action of the activity, while you reinforce the grammar concept.

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Chalk Talk is a fun back to school or anytime packet that includes writing prompts, a treat bag idea, 2 posters, plus a behavior modification game.  This is a special FREEBIE in my TpT Shop. Click on the link to pop on over and grab your free copy of Chalk Talk.

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I found with teaching little ones, keeping rules simple and then demonstrating them, set the stage for a great year.  Hang up this simple rules poster and use it as an easy way to review and remind.

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Explaining voice levels to your students goes a long way in managing your classroom.

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