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There are several ways students can play this Winter Writing Prompt game.

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I love the quote by Haim Ginott.  It is so true, and rather mind boggling to realize the impact we have on students' lives, and the huge responsibility that entails.   I designed this little poster, so that you can hang it up inside your teacher's cupboard or closet, as a gentle reminder.  If you like it; print off some copies for your teacher friends and tuck them in their mailboxes, as a thoughtful way to wish them a wonderful year.  May yours be filled with excitement and plenty of memory-making moments.

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"Paper love." Leave it somewhere as a pleasant surprise.

21 pages. 5 "craftivities" suitable for children as young as 3. Kingdom crafts are perfect for VBS or Sunday school and have a "kingdom" theme.
1 page. Something positive to think about.
1 page. A nice inspirational poster.
1 page. A nice inspirational poster.
1 page. A nice reminder of what a positive attitude can do. Based on the story of the Little Engine That Could.
1 page. A short inspirational story to lift your spirits.
11 pages. This is my favorite story from my twin's website For more inspirational poems, stories and lessons click on the link.
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