4 pages. A "tee-pee-riffic" way to review counting and sequencing numbers + add a bit of artistic fun with this quick and easy art project-counting booklet.
9 pages. We have plenty to be thankful for with this cute counting booklet.

7 pages. Students will "fall" into learning when they practice writing equations and doing subtraction as they have fun solving the math mystery!

11 pages. Enjoy counting, sequencing, addition and even subtraction (if you sing the song in reverse) using this favorite tune to compile an adorable booklet.

7 pages. Your students will go nuts over these fun subtraction equations as they try and solve the math mystery.
11 pages. Reinforce number recognition, counting and sequencing using this favorite tune.
7 pages. Get caught in a web of learning and solve this subtraction mystery.
10 pages. A "spiderific" way to review counting, tracing and writing numbers as students count backwards from 8 to 0 and make a group or set of spiders to match the number.
13 pages. Children will have fun getting caught in this web of learning! Reinforce counting, writing and sequencing numbers as well as addition.
11 pages. A fun way to review counting addition/subtraction (sing backwards) as well as writing and sequencing numbers to a favorite tune!
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