Small medium and large

5 pages Review the concept of small, medium and large by making this Frogs on a Log manipulative to use for a variety of frog-themed stories.

2 pages. A great way to review the concept of small medium and large. Students will find it easier to identify coins if they can look at them as a whole group and identify similarities and differences. This activity will help them do that.

15 pages. Make these easy and inexpensive valentine gifts for your students out of broken crayons and follow it up with a valentine crayon rub - center activity, that's perfect for party day!

33 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.2d Includes all sorts of math extensions, including estimation and pattern mats + CVC word candy hearts!

6 pages A fun way to review the concept of small-medium and large with your students, as well as following directions with the use of ordinal numbers. i.e, first do this, second this etc. Students use bottle caps to make a snowman print and a ball to mak
10 pages. A fun way to review shapes, counting by 3's and a variety of other standards!
7 pages. A cute way to review the concept of small-medium-and large as well as symmetry. Lovie makes an adorable February bulletin board, and a nice activity to accompany The Rainbow Fish stories.