Pattern Blocks

59 pages.

Review 2D shapes, 3D shapes, and pattern block shapes with this fun "craftivity" perfect for spring.

17 pages.

Review 2D shapes, 3D shapes, as well as pattern block shapes, with these fun caterpillar "craftivities".  There are various options to choose from that involve a variety of standards.

15 pages.

Help practice a variety of standards with this hands-on pirate "craftivity". 

23 pages.

Review 2D and 3D shapes, plus pattern block shapes with this fun Polly Wants A Shape Cracker packet. 

4 pages.

Children choose a partner and take turns rolling the dice.  Whatever number they roll will be the matching numbered pattern block that they will stack.  A second roll tells them how many of that pattern block they need to stack.  If they knock over their stack, the spilled pieces go back in the pile; any that are still in a stack can stay.  

1 page.

Want to play a mind game with your students using the trapezoid pattern block?  Show them the poster, and ask them if they think the top trapezoid is bigger than the bottom one.  Chances are they'll say yes; the top one is larger, but it's not!  It's just an optical illusion, as they are both the same size. 

22 pages.

Do your students play with pattern blocks?  Help them learn the names of the shapes and review colors as well, with these adorable pattern block pals. 

6 pages.

Use the color pattern block pages as anchor charts.  Run off the black and white set and have students trace and write the number and shape name and then color the pattern blocks the appropriate colors. 

14 pages.

Five pattern block games are included in this packet that will help review shapes, colors, numbers and simple addition.

2 pages.

Great anchor chart to review pattern blocks, their shape words and colors.

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