Telling Time

14 pages.

Practice telling digital and analog time to the hour and half hour by making a clockapillar.

20 pages.

Practice analog & digital time to the hour and half hour with this Seuss-themed packet of games and activities.

70 pages.

This packet has a lot of quick, easy and fun math activities, covering a variety of Common Core standards. They are versatile, so you can differentiate, making the lesson easier or more difficult to fit your needs and grade level. There are worksheets as well as dice, spinner and paper-pencil games for the following:

18 pages.  Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3

This packet is a great companion to the Zoo Time Booklet.    I've included analog and digital time cards to the hour and half hour.  Use them as flashcards, in a pocket chart, or to play Matching and "I Have; Who Has?" games. 

7 pages.

Are you going to the zoo on a field trip?  Share the Zoo Time booklet before you go.  Attach a copy to your clipboard.  As you arrive and travel through the zoo, ask your students what time it is, then record it.  

11 pages.

Review digital and analog time to the hour and half hour with this Olympic-themed telling time packet.   Print off the clock faces and the digital time rectangles on glossy white photo paper.  Trim and glue to the Time For The Olympics master.  You've now created a dry erase board!

3 pages.

For a quick, easy and fun way to whole-group assess telling time, run off the pocket watch template on brown or gold card stock, and the clock and digital rectangles on glossy photo paper.  Trim the directions off the bottom of the pocket watch paper.  Cut out the clocks and rectangles and glue them to the pocket watch board.  Students can now draw in hands and write digital time with a dry erase marker.  As you call out a time, have students record it on their "dry erase board" and then hold up their answer.

3 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3

Review time to the hour with this Candy Heart Clock game.  Students take turns spinning; whatever number they land on, is the heart that they color on their recording sheet.  Students also write down that digital time, and then cover the heart with a candy one.  The first one to complete their candy clock is the winner.

14 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3

Use these as flashcards, pocket cards or for a February bulletin board.  Make extra sets so that students can play Memory Match or "I Have; Who Has?" games.  Cut them up to make puzzles and to play even more games.

4 pages.

Reinforce time to the hour with this fun digital and analog clock game for 100 Day. Students take turns rolling one dice to get numbers 1-6 for those times, and then roll 2 dice and add them together to get numbers 7-12. 

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