32 pages. September through December. Reinforce counting skills with these seasonal mini booklets.
65 pages. September through May. Help reinforce groups/sets of numbers 0-10 by cutting and gluing them to their matching number.
7 pages. Help your students strut their subtraction skills as they trace the equations, trying to solve the math mystery.
14 pages. A "turkey-riffic" way to review numbers 0-10 and have fun learning as you pluck those turkey feathers!
9 pages. Students will be "gobbling" up knowledge and strutting their stuff as they count turkeys and write numbers 0-5.
66 pages of adorable scarecrow arts & crafts projects and activities that will help you teach a variety of subjects and Common Core Standards.
7 pages. Knowing how to do these subtraction equations and solving the math mystery is something to crow about!
7 pages. Cut and paste the 5 little scarecrows to the appropriate number forming a group/set. Great fine motor skill practice.
11 pages. Practice writing numbers 1-10 using this cute fall tune. This booklet will help reinforce addition and subtraction skills as well.
12 pages. A great way to learn about the symbols surrounding November's Thanksgiving celebration, counting as you go.
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