It’s not enough anymore to be an educator.

One needs to go the extra mile-exciting and motivating students to want to learn.

To encourage that desire, I’m an “edu-tainer”.

These quotes are a happy result of that kind of teaching philosophy.


“Diane is truly one of the most creative, enthusiastic and effective early childhood educators I have ever met. Her ability to make learning both memorable and meaningful is unmatched.  I have never met a teacher that puts in more time and effort into planning and designing instruction.  Diane has a wealth of ideas, experiences and lesson designs.  She is truly a walking encyclopedia of education.”

 -Roger Bearup, Lowell Area School Curriculum Coordinator


 “Diane is a creative genius. We’ve nicknamed her the “Idea Lady”. -Phyllis Sweed, Publisher Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine


 “Her students were leaning forward, on the edge of their seats, hanging on every word.” –Cheryl Kaletka, Supervising Teacher, Grand Valley State University, Observation Day.


 “ Many people touch our lives and they can be a source of inspiration, business acumen or leadership. Once in a while there comes along a star whose capabilities embellish many of these qualities we all aspire to.  Within minutes of knowing Diane you know you’ve met such a person.  I personally endorse her creativity and tenacity.”   --Ralph Mason, Wangs International


“Diane is the best beginning teacher I have ever hired.  She came from Eau Claire four years ago, and is even more outstanding now than she was then. Her positive attitude is infectious, and her health and vitality unparalleled.” –Gary Einerson, Principal DeForest High School


“I have nothing but the finest praise to convey with regard to the qualifications of Mrs. [Henderson] as a teacher and person. Diane is possibly the finest young teacher that I have known in my 19 years in education.  I give her the highest recommendation I can possibly give to you  for a teaching position.”    -Ron Nieman Assistant Principal DeForest High School


“All I can say is WOW!”  -Russ Kiel, 5th grade teacher, Grand View Elementary, Grandville, MI  (Comment after Diane’s lesson preparing students for the MEAP’s)


“Diane embodies all the characteristics of an outstanding teacher. She is extremely dedicated; the first to arrive, and the last to leave.  She’s that special and favorite teacher that takes the ordinary and turns it into the extraordinary, making learning almost magical.”

-Nancy Humphreys, Librarian-Kent City Schools 


“Diane  is a captivating storyteller who motivates all children to love books and reading through her creative presentations that include music, magic, and merriment!”  -Dan Crofoot, Kindergarten Teacher-Kent City Schools 


“I have worked with Diane for 10 years and each year she gets more amazing! She recently read a story to 37   4-year-olds at Kindergarten Round Up. EVERY child was so involved with her outstanding storytelling and magic that you could have heard a pin drop!  She’s eager to help and always thinking. Anytime I go to her for a new idea or  way to teach a difficult concept, she either has a response right away or within a day! I know you’ll enjoy her  website so take a look!”    –Barb Taylor, Kindergarten Teacher-Kent City Schools 


“I have had the pleasure of using these GREAT themed lessons in my own Young Five’s classroom for an entire year. All of the lessons hit all of my report card standards. The students enjoy working independently at their own pace and are only 5. My students are also reading the words in the little booklets that we do daily! This  website is wonderful because you are able to find creative lessons to fill an entire day at really reasonable prices!  I would recommend this site to all elementary teachers.”  -Tammy Zemaitis, Young Five’s Teacher-Kent City Schools


“I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Henderson 2 years ago when my daughter, Jenna entered Y5’s. I believe that teachers share a special gift, and that Diane has that gift ten-fold!  Her ability to relate to the children is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. I credit her for Jenna’s transformation from a shy, tearful little girl (clutching Fergie the Frog) to a confident, happy, smiling girl who shook the hands of every school board member when she was awarded “Student of the Month”.We continue to sing the songs that Mrs. Henderson has written to help the children learn everything from counting to Spanish and our home is decorated with countless treasures from Diane’s endless supply of creative ideas. We are thrilled for her that she will be sharing them with other teachers so more parents can enjoy what we have. I could not have been more excited to find out that my youngest son Will, would have her this year. He too is blossoming as she lays that all-important foundation and helps him love learning because she is passionate about what she does and displays that love everyday in her caring classroom!”

-Mrs. Sue Harrison, Parent - Kent City Schools