11 pages. Will your students be afraid of the shadow of the numbers 1-10? Check it out with this fun sing along booklet.
7 pages. You'll be all smiles at how well your students know subtraction with this toothy tracing booklet.

60 pages. Common Core State Standard RF:K1d and L.1.1a These goofy feather brains are all the rage, so why not capitalize on your students' enthusiasm to help teach some skills. Here are some games and activities all help with an Angry Bird theme sur

11 pages. Polish up those counting skills with this favorite song. Review addition and subtraction by singing the song.
9 pages. Frolic along with the penguins as you solve the math mystery and work on subtraction skills at the same time.
11 pages. Waddle through numbers 1-10 with this old favorite.
7 pages. Can you solve the math mystery and improve your subtraction skills at the same time? I bet the snowmen can help!
10 pages. 7 page booklet, + 1 page of writing and discussion extensions, + 1 page of color snowflake manipulatives for subtraction activities and a skill sheet.
7 pages. A "tree-mendous" way to practice subtraction skills as students have fun solving the math mystery.
8 pages. The tree has lost its trim! Can you solve the math mystery and do the subtraction equations?
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