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Classroom Management

9 pages. You can use these classroom management tips for a whole group or for a single child.

36 pages. Wonderful ideas and activities to help modify a student's/child's behavior during December.

32 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K1d & L.1.1a + an assessment tool. This packet was designed to go with the books: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and If You Take A Mouse To School and reinforces upper and lowercase letters.

36 pages.
New up-dated edition! I've added 101 more tips for a total of 175 helpful ways to get your students attention, successfully get things cleaned up , and quietly transition in the hall or to another activity.

30 pages. This little booklet might be just the thing you're looking for to help your little ones understand the importance of keeping their hands to themselves!
14 pages. Helpful notes and forms for back-to-school!

6 pages. A fun way to give parents information about your school and classroom.

19 pages. This is one of my most helpful classroom tools. You can read, save, or print this.
35 pages. Lots of free short articles that give verification and reasons for the skill sheets and lessons that I do.

6 pages. Here is a free article with some great tips for the substitute as well as your substitute folder for when you're absent.

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