If You Give A Mouse A Letter Packet


32 pages.
Common Core State Standards: RF.K1d & L.1.1a + an assessment tool.

This packet was designed to go with the books: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and If You Take A Mouse To School and reinforces upper and lowercase letters.

The packet includes:

  • If You Give A Mouse A Letter easy reader booklet. 
  1. Students read the sentence, then trace and write the letters.
  2. When everyone is done, pass out the upper and lowercase letter cards, and read the story as a whole group. 
  3. When you come to that letter in the story, whomever has those upper and lowercase letter cards, drops them in the mouse's pail.
  4. To make a mouse letter holder, print off my template, cut out, glue to construction paper, slit a line across the top of the letter sign, and staple a Quaker Oats box or Baggie to the back.
  • Feed the mouse template
  • Upper and lowercase matching skill sheet
  • Upper and lowercase trace and write skills sheets
  • 4 "What's Missing?" upper and lowercase skill sheets
  • Circle the letters of your name skill sheet
  • An upper and lowercase letter assessment
  • 26 upper and lowercase letter cards + covers to make Itty Bitty Booklets
  • 2 assessments +
  • 3 certificates of praise



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