Leprechaun Lessons: Behavior Modification Idea For March


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A wonderfully fun way to get students motivated to work as a team and promote great behavior.

Figure out how many days of school you have 'til St. Patrick's Day and depending on the number of days Write "Leprechauns' Gold" on the board. (Enough letters for them to achieve one each day 'til it's March 17th, or the day you want to celebrate St. Patty's Day if it doesn't fall on a school day.)

Decide with your class how they will EARN a letter: cooperating, lining up quietly, staying on task, not tattling, working nicely together, sharing, completing lessons etc.  If they do the required task(s), then at the end of the day they will earn a letter. 

Read the directions of how to involve geography about Ireland and your state, writing skills (write a letter to the leprechauns) and teach the life skill of team work as they excitedly look forward to the big day.  I have a special treat for my students and toss in a little science with the study of rainbows.  We follow the rainbow yarn trail.  I wonder where it will lead and what will be at the end?




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