60 pages!

This packet is extremely versatile.  You can do these as a whole group activity, as an independent center, for a bulletin board, for a class-made book (each student contributes a letter) or have each child do all of the letter booklets and keep them in a "portfolio" file folder.

1 page.

Painting a yellow and orange stripe on a styrofoam cup, will literally take your kiddos just a few minutes, and is a fun October center activity, or something simple and fun to do on Halloween party day. 

11 pages.

Review digital and analog time to the hour and half hour with this Olympic-themed telling time packet.   Print off the clock faces and the digital time rectangles on glossy white photo paper.  Trim and glue to the Time For The Olympics master.  You've now created a dry erase board!

3 pages.

For a quick, easy and fun way to whole-group assess telling time, run off the pocket watch template on brown or gold card stock, and the clock and digital rectangles on glossy photo paper.  Trim the directions off the bottom of the pocket watch paper.  Cut out the clocks and rectangles and glue them to the pocket watch board.  Students can now draw in hands and write digital time with a dry erase marker.  As you call out a time, have students record it on their "dry erase board" and then hold up their answer.

15 pages

The packet includes a set of both upper and lowercase, single letter, alphabet cards, plus 3-page tip list of what to do with the cards, including games like Kaboom.

4 pages.

This pumpkin slider "craftivity" is a fun way to review the various flat-shapes and their shape words.  You can make one and use as a teacher manipulative, or have all of your students make one.  It's a quick whole-group or individual assessment tool too.

32 pages. This packet covers quite a few Common Core State Standards, that involve math and language arts.

11 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K.1d, L.1.1a

If you do a transporatation unit, you'll want to be sure to include this game in your activities. Print off the "Parking Lots" on construction paper and laminate.  You can attach them to make one long one, or keep them separate, so more students can play.  This will be so popular, that you'll want to make a few extra sets.This is a special FREEBIE in my TpT shop.  Just click on the link to grab this super-fun freebie today. Park It!  An Alphabet Matching Game.

7 pages.  Common Core State Standards: 1.MD.3a

You can make just a teacher clock to help demonstrate how to tell time, or you can print off the templates so that each of your students has one.  This is a quick and easy way to whole group assess.  If you'd like a matching digital owl clock click on the link.


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