Classroom Management

1 page. Paper, Scissors, Rock is a great way to decide things! I'm always surprised at how many of my Y5's don't know this, so we take time to learn this fun hand-chant.
23 pages. Revamped poem from an Internet original. Includes enough verses for each child in your class.
3 pages. This cute unknown author rhyme, will help remind your students which is their left hand. It goes to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb, and comes with a poster for the Sign Language Letter for L.
3 pages. 2 adorable tooth certificates for who has lost the most teeth for the month. Perfect go-togethers for the tooth chart TWM 1053.
3 pages. Hang this tooth graphing poster near your calendar time and graph who has lost a tooth each day. Allow the student who has lost the tooth to follow the pattern and color in their tooth. Keep tally marks on the bottom of each month to record/teac
6 pages. Build a child's self-esteem with this adorable Peacock pal that keeps track of your students' progress as they master the various report card standards through out the year. What a beautiful bulletin board to show others what your students are

17 pages. Individual Bee-autiful Bee-havior Bingo is an incentive for students to model good behavior. It's an easy and fun way to reward students every day through out the day, without having to give a tangible reward.

1 page. This is a nice poem to include with the end-of-the-year note home:TWM 1037 or to tuck in with your gift to your students.
1 page. A sweet note home to parents about the enjoyment of having their caterpillar-child for the year and giving them back a little butterfly.
5 pages. Common Core State Standards assessment tool for RF.K1d and L.1.1a Quick and easy upper and lowercase letter assessment recording sheets and 2 certificates of praise.
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