Classroom Management

1 page. Use this template for certificates, to write a newsletter in February, an anchor chart for behavior teachers LOVE or for a writing prompt for students to write about something they really enjoy doing, a food they love so much they could eat it ev
1 page. Fill in your own information or have students choose a classmate out of the basket and create a certificate for them writing about some of their accomplishments.
1 page. Use this clipboard as an anchor chart to list rules or other concepts. Run off and give to students as a writing prompt to make lists, record data etc.

2 pages. If your students are having a problem learning the various lists, try breaking them down by their phonetic sounds. I have had really good success teaching the lists phonetically.

1 page. Help your students learn the sounds the letters make with this ABC song I used to chant with my 1st graders. They really enjoyed doing it in the dark with a light laser and it helped them learn the letter sounds.
27 pages. Print off a copy to read to your students, or run off separate copies for them to make into a big book to take home and share with their families. These also make great anchor charts for the Letter of the Day, adjectives and alliteration.
11 pages. Print off a color copy and use as a story to review with your class or make individual copies for students to read and take home to share with their families. These also make terrific anchor charts.
13 pages. Help your students remember helpful reading strategies with these cute animal anchor charts. Mount them on a bulletin board as an all-year reading aid.
6 pages. Common Core State Standard: K.L1d This chart will be a great reference tool when you ask: Does anyone have any questions? Before they begin, remind them that a true QUESTION begins with one of these words!
22 pages. Help your students learn about the "magic" or "silent" e at the end of many of their words with these cute anchor chart-poems and traceable word cards and activities.
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