Classroom Management

1 page. I like to make up quick "fill-in" reports for a variety of things, to expedite notes home to parents. This boo-boo report is one of them.

25 pages.

Cute certificates(Pre K4 through 3rd grade) with a blank one to fill in any other grade, to give your students at the end of the school year.

4 pages. Sweet summer notes to give to your students.
4 pages. Tired of the treasure box? Need a list of intrinsic or non-gift type rewards for great student behavior to use as incentives? You'll find this list of over 100 helpful!

2 pages. Use these as anchor charts then list your questions underneath.

1 page. Use this large pencil as an anchor chart to fill in whatever... Makes fun stationery for a newsletter, list, rules, sub folder, directions. Cute for a writing prompt. List "Sharp" students who got 100% on their spelling or math quiz.
1 page. Use this poster as a reminder of what good behavior is and as an incentive to get students to "give you 5" behavior on a consistent basis, by posting names each day, week or month.

15 pages An easy and fun way to improve behavior and reinforce math skills.When you see students behaving appropriately (everyone completed their morning work) have a student choose a number from the jar. Another student traces that number on the 100's B

11 pages. Great way to control behavior at the same time build self-esteem.  These cards reinforce and work well with the "Fill a Bucket" program too.

16 pages. An easy and fun way to get your students to shine.
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