59 pages. Numbits are a bite-sized way to teach all sorts of important skills in an easy-to-understand fun way. You will LOVE the versatility of teaching with these!
31 pages Common Core State Standard RF:K1d Students TRACE the lowercase letter then CIRCLE the matching uppercase letter.
12 pages. Students will enjoy cutting the jumbled letters and rearranging them to spell a number.
5 pages. Students trace the numbers on the cards and sequence them.
14 pages. Students trace, write & color the number words. They also cut and glue a group/set of that many things to the matching number of their booklet.
13 pages. Help your students learn to count to 100 by filling in the missing numbers each month.
43 pages. Children practice counting by 2's, 5's and 10's.
8 pages. Can your students guess where those crazy monkeys have gone? Give them 2 choices then graph the results as an extra math extension!
11 pages. Students will delight in learning their numbers 1-10 by counting monkey see-monkey do!

11 pages. Can your students solve the mystery and increase their spatial direction skills? This booklet makes a great Mother's Day card.

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