Common Core State Standards (Math)

10 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.G.3

Help students understand beginning fractions by cutting up an apple. As you cut from whole, to half, and then into quarters, explain each fraction. To further reinforce math vocabulary, students assemble their own apple fraction "flip up" booklet .  A trace & write mini apple fraction booklet is also included, along with apple fraction pocket or word wall word cards.

2 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.G.3

Use these anchor charts to explain fractions, and then post them as a reminder.

32 pages. This packet covers quite a few Common Core State Standards, that involve math and language arts.

35 pages.

You will love how many activities you can do with these apples that help cover numerous Common Core State Standards. The photo only shows a sampling of what's in the packet.

The packet includes: numbered apples from 1-120.  Use these as anchor charts or a help poster for your students math folders. The apple 1-120 individual strips, can be cut to form a number line to aid in counting up to 100 Day. There are 16 "What's Missing?" activity sheets.  Run them off for students to fill in, or laminate and have children place number tiles on empty spaces. There are apples with numbers as well as number words. Use them for games, pocket charts, or your word wall. Skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's is also included + 4 games, with the ability to create many more.  Math symbols allow students to use the apples to create and solve equations.

8 pages.

Your students will enjoy making this apple counting booklet.  Children trace and write the number & number word.  They find that number in the sequence (0-10) and circle it.  They also slash that many tally marks and bingo dot that many apples on their tree.

8 pages. If you're doing a busy bee theme, then you'll enjoy this bumblebee 10 frame packet.

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17 pages.

Students manipulate their barn sliders to show the shape + shape word that the teacher is asking for.  Glue a student's face over the farm girl/boy to make this extra special.  A quick, easy and fun way to whole-group assess.

8 pages. Common Core State Stadards: 1.MD.3a

Print, laminate and trim for a wonderful review & assessment tool. This digital owl clock, makes a nice companion to the analog owl clock. 

9 pages.

If you are doing a frog theme, you'll enjoy this 10 frame frog packet.

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6 pages.

Review shapes with this fun spinner game.  A black & white + labeled spinners are also included.

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