9 pages. The flip flop is a popular symbol of summer. Use it to have fun counting by two's with your students.
2 pages Helpful anchor charts that will show your students at a glance the various vocabulary words that go with these math terms.

4 pages. A fun way for your students to review the various coins that make up a dollar. Nice plug in when you're studying George Washington in February, or when you are teaching the various coins. Also involves skip counting by 5's & 10's.

29 pages. A hands-on fun way to study fact families. Give students another way to grasp the concept of fact families and let them manipulate dominoes.
57 pages. A wonderful and fun way to motivate students to want to learn about and practice fact families!

18 pages. A "craftivity" and game to help reinforce fact families.

3 pages. Hang this tooth graphing poster near your calendar time and graph who has lost a tooth each day. Allow the student who has lost the tooth to follow the pattern and color in their tooth. Keep tally marks on the bottom of each month to record/teac
20 pages. Common Core State Math Standard 1.NBT.3 An assortment of flashcards to use to play games, helping to learn a variety of math skills including identifying numbers 1-6, + skip counting by 2's, 3's, and 5's and >
6 pages. This is a companion game to the addition and subtraction games. Students can play independently or with a partner. Children roll the dice, find the equation on their paper, rewrite the equation, and show that equation by moving the manipulative
10 pages. Dice games are a wonderful way to introduce simple addition and subtraction to the number 6. Includes recording sheets for addition and subtraction as well as 2 certificates of praise for each + directions how to make the bead bracelet and man
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