Math Mats


108 pages. Common Core State Math Standards: 1.NBT.3,  K.MD.3a,  K.CC.5a,  K.CC.6a

You will LOVE this unit because you can do so many things with these manipulatives! Students enjoy playing a variety of games from counting to addition and subtraction + sorting, sequencing, patterning and greater or less than.

Packet includes:

  • 5 mad minute skill sheets
  • An in between tip sheet
  • 11 different counting mats
  • 50 different kinds of themed counters
  • 2 greater than less than snake manipulatives
  • A greater than less than math mat
  • 2 graphing extensions
  • 0-9 spinner
  • Directions & tips +
  • 13 different bookmark certificates of praise


Additional Info

  • SKU: TWM745

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