Presidents Lincoln and Washington

10 pages.

Help your students learn to identify the fronts and backs of coins by making this mobile.  Also includes coin templates for the half dollar and dollar.  You can include the paper dollar at the top with a student's photo over George Washington's, or leave it at just a penny, nickel, dime and quarter coin dangler. 

14 pages.

Now that students have experienced most of the major holidays, have them choose a Venn diagram that compares Valentine's Day with another holiday.   There are 12 different Venn holiday diagrams in the packet, plus a blank one for them to fill in. 

7 pages. I have 2 star templates. One is generic so you can use it for any patriotic holiday, or Constitution Day etc. The other is perfect for President's Day. Both have writing prompts on the back.

2 pages. Reviewing upper and lowercase letters is a snap with these President's Day "I Spy A Letter" worksheets. They are also a quick and easy way to whole group assess.

3 pages. Comparison and contrast is an important writing skill to master. This packet makes a nice introduction to that concept. Students can choose to compare Washington or Kennedy to Lincoln. Includes Venn diagrams.
3 pages. You can print these off as a simple note to your students, or use the large one as a poster, or have students cut and glue the presidents to a blue sheet of construction paper, trim and then glue on a red strip to make a crown.

5 pages. Common Core State Standards: K.CC.1 A fun "craftivity" to help your students review skip counting by 10's or 5's. (The logs are numbered.) Sticking a penny inside the door, so that Lincoln can greet you when you open it, is a nice finishing

1 page. Obama Poster. Put up and use during your Presidents' Day activities.
1 page. Great for your Presidents' Day activities. Use as a decoration or writing prompt. Students write what the quote means and how it applies to them.
1 page. Run off copies of the poster and have students choose one of the quotes to write about on the back. Children can write why they like the quote, what it means, and how it applies to them.
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