Individual Beeautiful Beehavior Bingo


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Individual Bee-autiful Bee-havior Bingo is an incentive for students to model good behavior. It's an easy and fun way to reward students every day through out the day, without having to give a tangible reward. It teaches patience and builds excitement as well.

When students are caught "bee-ing" good they get to write their name on a bingo square.  At the end of the month the teacher chooses as many letters and numbers as they deem appropriate.  These will match a student's name.  (This packet reinforces and works well with any "Fill a Bucket" activities you are also doing.)

To make a set of letters an and numbers, simply run off a bingo sheet on colored paper or cardstock, laminate and cut up. Toss the letters in one container and the numbers in another.

Teachers or children decide ahead of time what the reward will be. Obviously the more times you are caught being good, the more chances you have of winning.  There is a Bingo chart for each month + mini-certificates of praise for the winners. 



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