Classroom Management

1 page. Use this empty template to post your rules, concepts, assignments, announcements, students' names if they've achieved or accomplished something etc. Laminate it and use a dry erase marker so you can change it. Use a Mr. Clean eraser to remove per
1 page. A gentle reminder to help students remember to raise their hand.
1 page. Common Core State Standard: RL.1.2 Tips of how to retell a fiction and non fiction story.

1 page. Some of my favorite quotes by Dr. Seuss. Perfect for a classroom poster to give students something to think about. Anyone of the quotations would make a fun writing prompt!

1 page. Use this cute giraffe note as an FYI to remind students who have fallen behind and are missing assignments to make an appointment to see you ASAP.
44 pages. Common Core State Standards: RL.K.2, RL.K.4, RL.K.9, RI.K.9, RL.1.2, RL.1.5, RL.1.9, L.1.4, L.K.1d You can cover these Common Core State Standards in a fun and easy way with these helpful graphic organizers.

1 page. This is the note that I used to tuck into my Ziploc Bagggie treat bags. Easy, inexpensive and simple to make up.

10 pages. Whether you're making a treat bag for the beginning or the end of the year, or for a special occasion or subject, this packet of tips and ideas will be helpful.

7 pages.

What's on your mind? Is a terrific way to get to know your students + these make an easy and awesome back to school bulletin board too! Great activity for the first week of school and a nice icebreaker for students to get to know their new classmates. This is a special FREEBIE in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to grab your free copy today.

38 pages. Use these themed skill sheets to help your little ones strengthen their finger muscles and increase their hand-eye coordination, as they learn how to use a small glue bottle to make tiny dots on the seasonal shapes.
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