Classroom Management

1 page. I revamped this idea from Caroline’s 6 point note to her 3rd grade English students in SC. Check out her cute Tupelo Honey blog at: You can put this up as a poster, or print it off and include it in your student packet. Re

17 pages. Get organized and make collecting work for an absent student a breeze with this classroom management tip! 

6 pages. Post these anchor charts to give your students a quick and easy-to-understand checklist, of all the things they should remember to include in their writing.

21 pages. This packet is a nice companion to the anti-bullying packet. Teaching students to be kind is a nice activity for the beginning of the school year when you are explaining your rules and implementing student behavior programs and contracts.  This is a terrific packet to introduce the "Fill A Bucket" program if you do that in your classroom or school.

7 pages. Run off on card stock and use as a welcome bookmark on your students' desks for the 1st day of school, or run off on copy paper and attach to a pencil with a piece of Scotch tape. You can also tuck them into your summer "Welcome letter" or "Open
10 pages. Help your students easily sort books and get them back into their appropriate tubs by putting an easy-to-understand label on them.
1 page. Laminate this poster and then use a dry erase marker to post assignments and their due dates.
1 page. Reward your students and build their self-esteem by giving them this cute certificate, when they've worked hard on their alphabet lessons.
8 pages. Use these as flashcards, or on your calendar bulletin board. Includes a mini set for your students to make an Itty Bitty booklet and play games with, or make extra copies, laminate & play games with them, to help your students learn the vari
1 page. A gentle reminder to pay attention. Hang the poster upside down and see how many of your students notice!
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