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Often teachers are so busy teaching, that sometimes they can miss important things that are happening in their students' lives.  Putting up a tweet board on a door, wall or bulletin board, helps you stay informed and builds community.  A more caring classroom will be created.

cov sweet tweetsEncourage students to tweet about things that are happening in their lives.  These can be "sweet tweets" which are positive happy highlights, things that they are proud of, or what they've been doing and involved in. 

They can also do some "tweet talk".  These are notes that a student wants to share because they are feeling a bit down or blue, and would like some encouragement.  Perhaps a grandparent or pet passed away, or they didn't make the team, or they failed at something. 

"Tiny tweets" are included in the packet so you or students can jot a quick note in response.  These are especially nice, if you do the "Bucket Filling" program.  There's also 2 options for a tweet journal.  All of these are quick, easy, and interesting ways to get students writing. 

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