Classroom Management


12 pages.


Use these templates to make up your classroom handbook.

6 pages. Sending home a folder each week is an easy and successful way to keep parents informed and connected with what you are doing. SNAIL is an acronym for Schoolwork, Notes, And Important Letters.  This packet will be FREE for an entire year, then it will be revamped & included in Diane's Dollar Deals in my TpT shop.

1 page. Print, laminate, cut out and hang on your doorknob when your students are testing.
1 page. A sweet reminder. You could also use the poster as a writing prompt asking students what they think the poster means and explain why it's important to put on their thinking cap.
1 page. Something to think about.
1 page. Besides inspiration, anchor charts, and reminders, I use posters as writing prompts.
1 page. A thought provoking poster. Use it as a writing prompt. Do students agree or disagree? Can they think of examples?
3 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3 Use these anchor charts to help your students understand the fraction portion of telling time. Run off the composite for each student to fill in, by counting by 5's.
1 page. A nice anchor chart for your calendar or time display.
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