23 pages. All sorts of fun ideas and activities that are perfect plug in's for the end of the school year, or for summer school!

54 pages. A little bit of everything for your study of fireflies.

8 pages. A fun and fair way for students to choose a partner.
46 pages. A fun and fair way for students to select a partner.
18 pages. What can you do at the beach? Students enjoy cutting and gluing the various things that they can do at the beach matching the pictures to the sentences.
18 pages A cute way to learn about parts of the body.
21 pages 3 file folder games (Jungle Jaunt, Solar System Blast Off, & Dinosaur Destination)help even the most off-task student stay focused.
28 pages. Students draw and write about what they see outside their window during the 4 seasons.
27 pages. A great booklet to excite your male students, and a nice lead-in to the -all family of words.
4 pages. Writing prompt and bulletin board art activity. Wonderful way to show how students have grown physically and mentally from the beginning of the school year to the end.
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