My Owie Booklet


18 pages
A cute way to learn about parts of the body.

Students cut and glue the matching numbered pictures to the correct boxes in their booklet.  This is a nice way to review parts of the body, which is one of my Y5 report card standards. 

It's also a cute booklet to send home with a child who has gotten hurt on the playground. 

Also includes:

  • A graphing extension
  • 3 skill sheets
  • Dr. Simon Says Game
  • 2 songs to review body parts
  • 9 word-wall word flashcards with 7 picture cards and a cover-card to make an Itty Bitty Book
  • An Accident Report-form letter to send home to parents
  • and an art Band-Aide activity to make, to use as a manipulative to use with the songs and game to learn/review parts of the body.

Additional Info

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