Easy Reader Booklet: My Ball Book


24 pages.
A great booklet to excite your male students, and a nice lead-in to the -all family of words.

Students trace then write the sentence.  They trace the various balls as well as cut and glue them to the correct pages. 

  • There's several math extensions with a counting and graphing page as well as a math skill sheet. 
  • Also includes 30 word-wall word flashcards and a page of ball-picture cards so your students can make an Itty Bitty Book.
  • There's a certificate of praise,
  •  a template for making a class book and
  • 2 skill sheets involving the various ball challenge words +
  • a page of rhyming words and
  •  a "Silly Story-Poem" for the -all family of words. 
  • a letter home explaining the silly-story poem and asking parents to have their child read it each night
  • includes a grid of 7 boxes to be filled with stickers or stars as a log when student/child reads the poem.  Parent signs and dates the log and returns it to school.
  • An owl roster poster of "Whoooo is reading and returning their silly story-poem papers?" goes with this home-school connection activity
  • an art extension where students write the rhyming words on a beach ball and then color it
  • + a rebus reader using pronoun word-wall words with the various balls as picture clues.


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