Skip Counting

31 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d These cards are not only perfect for your frog-theme, but great for Leap Day activities as well.
14 pages. Skip Counting booklets by 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's. + counting booklets by 1's. A fun center activity for President's Day or your February studies of Washington, Lincoln, and coins.

43 pages. Some unique activities to help celebrate 100 Day in a big way!

33 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.2d Includes all sorts of math extensions, including estimation and pattern mats + CVC word candy hearts!

32 pages. Over 200 traceable word cards that help your students with skip counting and recognizing upper and lowercase letters. Children enjoy sharing these just-my-size booklets with their family, which reinforces the lessons that they learned at school

61 pages.
Your students will really enjoy playing these games, as they slap a variety of groundhog cards, with a flyswatter, to show that they know specific standards. 


10 pages. An adorable booklet that's perfect for your 100-Day activities. Students draw 10 dots on 10 different pictures to make 100 dots! What a fun way to count to 100.

10 pages. An adorable counting booklet that students will enjoy making. What a fun way to count to 100!

3 pages. Make and laminate these brightly colored math mats and use them for a fun whole-group counting activity each year to help celebrate 100 Day!

171 pages. Wow! This unit has a little bit of everything that your students will enjoy working on, as they count up to their 100th day, celebrating along the way with Zero the Hero and Zippy.

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