18 pages. Students will enjoy trying to solve the mystery of what animal stole the shapes as they trace and write the shape word as well as trace the shape around the animal. Includes graphing extensions, a song, games, and an art center.
16 pages. Writing prompts that are sure to interest your students on Leap Day. Turn them into 4 different class books. Includes fun graphing extensions as well.

4 pages. A fun way to review a penny, nickel, dime and quarter. Students choose a partner and race to achieve .29 cents first.

7 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.3c A great activity for Leap Day. This is a relatively easy reader that includes sight words and words from the Dolch word list that incorporate facts about interesting animals that leap.

4 pages. Great mini-research/computer lesson for students. Children find at least 3 facts about a US president and write them on their page. Students glue their school pix along with a picture of their President and share with their classmates. Teacher
6 pages. Fun writing extension for President's Week. Students glue their school photo in the box, write what they'd do and then illustrate their page. Teachers collate the pages and make a class book.
5 pages. Each student decides whether they like Washington or Lincoln the best and why. They glue their school photo inside the box, write and illustrate their page. Teachers collate the pages to make a class book to read and share with the class.
12 pages. A quick and interesting way to learn some interesting facts about Washington and Lincoln. A great compare and contrast booklet. Use all of the pages for older students, or take out a few for younger students, or simply make one for yourself to
51 pages. Common Core State Math Standard 1.NBT.3 What a fun way to practice a variety of math skills: addition, subtraction, graphing, greater & less than, patterning, measurement, estimation and more.

7 pages. Students are "O-fish-ally" 100 Days smarter as they O-fish-ally celebrate their 100th Day of school with this simple and inexpensive snack teachers can whip together as a special treat.

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