4 pages.

Review shapes with this fun Spider Shape game.  Run off the shape tiles on a variety of colors of construction paper.  Students place a tile to the matching shape spider.  This makes a nice independent math center.  I've included a blank set of spiders for you to program with whatever.

3 pages.

Your students will enjoy making "Inky" the spider slider.  Use him as a review, or whole-group assess by calling out a shape and having students hold up Inky when they slide to it.  Colors can also be reinforced, as well as spatial directions: Put your spider slider in your right hand; put Inky above your head, under your arm etc.

8 pages.  Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3a

Review analog and digital time with a skeleton!  Perfect for October, or your pirate theme.  Includes a clock "craftivity" + games and flashcards.

46 pages.

Cover lots of Common Core State Standards with this Numb Skull math packet.  Wonderful for your fall Halloween activities, or when you're studying about bones, or include with your pirate theme.

14 pages.

Cover quite a few Common Core State Standards with this Pumpkin Math Packet, which includes an easy reader where students read, trace and write the numbers, + circle them in a sequence.  Children circle capital letters, add end punctuation to the simple sentences, + count the pumpkins in the group/set and color the puffy numbers as well.

8 pages.

Here's a list of my favorite October books.  Hopefully this will assist you in compiling a collection of your own.  Most of my books I acquired at garage sales, as well as Scholastic book sales.  A book is still my favorite gift to give and receive.

8 pages.  Common Core State Standards: RF.K3c, K.G.2

Several standards are covered in this easy-reader booklet that reinforces coins and shapes.  Students trace and write the coin word, value and shape word.  They trace the shape and then draw it on the pumpkin; cutting and gluing the coin(s) to the matching numbered boxes.

11 pages.

This is a quick and easy autumn "craftivity" with awesome results.  Completed projects make a wonderful fall bulletin board.  Students sharpen old peeled crayons and sprinkle the shavings on one of 7 bare tree templates.   An adult presses a warm iron on top of a sheet of waxed paper that covers the child's creation.  The shavings blend to make more colors.  For a bit of pizzazz, mount on black construction paper.  This craftivity will be FREE for an entire year, after which time it will be up-dated and placed in Diane's Dollar Deals in my TpT shop. 

8 pages.

This seed packet practices a variety of math standards: Data collection & analysis, sorting, comparing & contrasting, predicting, guess-timating, counting, sequencing, greater than, less than & equal to, plus graphing.  

14 pages.

Use these alphabet cards to play all sorts of games on Columbus Day.

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