Numb Skull Math Packet


46 pages.

Cover lots of Common Core State Standards with this Numb Skull math packet.  Wonderful for your fall Halloween activities, or when you're studying about bones, or include with your pirate theme.

The packet includes:

  • A skull slider.  Students trace the numbers from 0-30, or insert a skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, or 10's number strip.  There's also a slider for counting backwards from 10 to 0 and 20 to 0.
  • A Numb Skull addition and subtraction game.  Students roll the dice to make equations.  When they solve the problem, they color in that many teeth.
  • A Count to 100 Numb Skull game.  Students add the dice that they roll and X-off that many skulls 'til they have added their way to 100.
  • Trace and Write the numbers from 0-120 worksheets
  • What's Missing Worksheets for numbers 0-120, and all of the skip counted numbers
  • Skull number cards from 0-120 + matching math symbol cards so students can make equations.
  • Blank skull cards to program with whatever, or use to make groups/sets.
  • An Odd Todd and Even Steven skeleton sorting mat.
  • Bomb cards to make number games more exciting.
  • Numb Skull puzzle cards.  Cut them into puzzles, and/or run them off so students can make an Itty Bitty Booklet.
  • 3 skull number strip puzzles: 1-10, 10 to 1, and skip counting by 10's to 100.  Use them as puzzles, or run them off and have students cut and glue them to a sheet of black construction paper, leaving a space between for an interesting look.
  • A certificate of praise for a job well done.

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