11 pages

Looking for some pumpkin craftivities?  This packet includes a simple & quick sponge painted pumpkin that reviews shapes, as well as a shapely pumpkin worksheet and a Pumpkin Possibilities spinner shape game.

3 pages.

Did you know that if you mix shaving cream with Elmer's glue and a bit of paint you can make a work of art that dries puffy?  Oh the possibilities... The picture here doesn't do this project justice. The pumpkin is puffed up to over an inch high!  Here's a template to make either a horizontal or vertical pumpkin.  Simply follow the directions to create something amazing!  Your kiddos will love doing this craftivity.

11 pages

This is a quick, easy and fun craft that even young children can do. Children trace the pumpkin template on a sheet of newspaper and color it with an orange marker or crayon.  Students find and cut out shapes to make a pumpkin face, as well as letters that spell their name.  These will be used for the pumpkin's smile.  They can also search for all of the letter Pps on their pumpkin and circle them.  This packet will be FREE for an entire year, after which time it will be revamped and put in my TpT shop. Pumpkins in the News.

10 pages.

There are 3 options for this cute pumpkin bowl craft.  You can review 2D shapes and have students draw a Jack-O-Lantern face on the back, or you can teach some pumpkin facts with the pumpkins ARE, HAVE, CAN writing prompt; (I've included a completed sample.) or you can explain the life cycle of a pumpkin, and have students color, trim and glue that circle to the back of their pumpkin bowl.  This freebie has been up-dated and is part of my whopping 85-page Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Packet, in my tpT shop.  For your convenience, I've included a PREVIEW with this freebie here.

2 pages.

Make this easy pumpkin centerpiece out of a piece of dryer hose. The completed project is truly amazing and a great conversation piece!

69 pages.

Cover all sorts of Common Core Standards with this fire truck-themed fire safety packet. 

4 pages.

I made 3 fire safety poster options, using a fire safety song (author unknown) to help your students remember to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency.

10 pages.

Use this fire safety craft to help reinforce the importance of not playing with fire.  Younger students can make the 2-piece dangler; older students can make the larger 3 dimensional flame and use it to write about 3 different aspects of fire safety (one on each flame).  The packet includes a list of 13 fire safety writing prompts that students can choose from. I truly believe that if you have super-interesting prompts, your students will be excited about writing and WANT to get right down to business!  This packet will be FREE for an entire year (!) woo hoo. After which time, it will be revamped and put in Diane's Dollar Deals, in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to zip on over.

4 pages.

Pretending to be firefighters during Fire Safety Week, is a fun way for students to practice giving fire safety advice.  Help them along with their imaginary fun, by making a fire helmet with this quick and easy pattern.  Older students can write fire safety tips on the front, back or rim.  Make an extra set of yellow badges for your kiddos to wear.

8 pages.

Help teach, review & reinforce fire safety tips with this quick and easy craftivity.  This packet will be FREE for an entire year (!) Woo hoo.  After which time, it will be up-dated and put in Diane's Dollar Deals, in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to zip on over.

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