Pages:15 This Flash Fun Freebie from my Face Book page will only be available here through August 22nd. This is a "Slider" craftivity that will help your students successfully practice the "sequence & retell a story standards", in a super-fun way. Update: Thanks to over 900 peeps who participated!

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Here's a super-fun "Get the wiggles out and get movin'!" activity for Halloween Week or party day.

My students absolutely LOVE doing the Hokey Pokey so I made this Halloween version.

I hope you have a ton of fun because "That's what it's all about!"

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Everyone Everywhere Has Feelings is a multi-cultural poster, which you can use to introduce your feelings lessons.

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"What's Your Superhero Name?"  Is a quick, easy & fun activity.

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Are your students a bit energized throughout December, in anticipation of the holidays? Mine certaily are!


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Cover 2 vowels go walking

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