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Help explain the 4 seasons with this seasonal apple tree poster and worksheet.  This FREEBIE is part of my jumbo 83-page 4 Seasons Of My Apple Tree packet in my TpT shop.  For your convenience, I've included a PREVIEW with the free poster & worksheet here.

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Graphing colors, is a quick, interesting and fun way to introduce and practice graphing with your kiddos. Children LOVE giving their opinion.  Do some math extensions like addition and comparing greater & less then as well. I've included a color as well as black line pattern.

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Are your kiddos learning their colors or color words? Use these posters as incentives.  When your students pass their assessment, and have mastered these sight words, or can identify all of the colors, they get to sign the "Wall of Fame" poster. 

Hang up to promote self-esteem.  To accommodate other countries, I've also included a set using the spelling colours.

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Use this cute owl-themed anchor chart poster to remind students what an adjective is.  Encourage them to use plenty of descriptive words in their writing.

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Do you want your kiddos to become instantly quiet? Do you need to get your students' attention? Without saying a word, hold up "Zippy" your laminated "Please zip your lips!" poster. 

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