6 pages. An adorable and inexpensive gift children can make. Practice measuring skills with a cup of un-popped popcorn or rice, a length of flannel and a bit of fluffy stuffing!
6 pages A fun way to review the concept of small-medium and large with your students, as well as following directions with the use of ordinal numbers. i.e, first do this, second this etc. Students use bottle caps to make a snowman print and a ball to mak

5 pages. A fun way for students to practice addition and subtraction using dice and dominoes.

108 pages. Common Core State Math Standard 1.NBT.3, K.MD.3a, K.CC.5a, K.CC.6a You will LOVE this unit because you can do so many things with these manipulatives! Students enjoy playing a variety of games from counting to addition and subtraction + sor

4 pages An easy and inexpensive "green" gift for children to make. Charlie the snowman welcomes people by hanging on a doorknob announcing if it should "Let it snow" or "melt..."  If you want to make a matching ornament, use a large Popsicle stick.

6 pages. An easy "green" gift for students to make. Wonderful way to review the cylinder shape and the importance of recycling.
6 pages. Awesome activity to increase fine motor skills and strengthen finger muscles and coordination. Make this simple and stop with the reinforcement holes, or add micro dot stickers and turn it into a 100 Day activity!
37 pages. A really fun way for students to review the various ways to identify numbers.
10 pages. A fun way to review shapes, counting by 3's and a variety of other standards!
7 pages. This is a quick and easy gift to make for students in January to wish them a Happy New Year!
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