100 Day

2 pages. A quick, easy and super-fun writing activity for 100 Day!

1 page. Print these off and leave them on, or in, your students' desks on the 100th Day of school.

27 pages. Common Core State Math Standards: K.CC.1, K.CC.2, K.CC.4c K.CC.6, K.CC.7, K.OA.1, K.OA.5, 1.OA.3, 1.OA.4, 1.OA.5, 1.OA.6, 1.)A.7, 1.OA.8 These cards are a great way to teach and remind students what the various math symbols are and mean.
17 pages. These apples are perfect for counting up to 100 Day and match the Counting Up to 100 Day Apple Themed packet.
1 page. Print these off and give them to your students on 100 Day when they are quietly reading.

4 pages. A fun way for your students to review the various coins that make up a dollar. Nice plug in when you're studying George Washington in February, or when you are teaching the various coins. Also involves skip counting by 5's & 10's.

22 pages. NEW! This is the 6th and final updated list! I've added over 500 more compound words!

3 pages. This is a great center activity for President's Day.

43 pages. Some unique activities to help celebrate 100 Day in a big way!

10 pages. An adorable booklet that's perfect for your 100-Day activities. Students draw 10 dots on 10 different pictures to make 100 dots! What a fun way to count to 100.

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