100 Day

11 pages. 2 kinds of traceable 100-grid number charts. Perfect for 100 Day or every day practice.
4 pages. Here's the 2nd up-dated listing of the books I read for 100 Day + a list of themed books I have available for my students to "read". Up-date 2-21-12

11 pages. You'll find 5 writing prompts for 100 Day that can be made into adorable class books.

85 pages A little bit of everything for your 100 Day celebration.
13 pages. 10 ideas for your 100 Day celebration.
12 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K.1c, L.1.2b, RF.1.1a, RF.k.1a, RF.K3c,RF.K.3d, L.K.2b, RF.K.3a A wonderful booklet about February that covers lots of CCSS and report card standards.
51 pages A Monthly Newsletter Packet chock full of a little bit of everything that might go on during that month.
13 pages. Help your students learn to count to 100 by filling in the missing numbers each month.

27 pages. A fun way to count to 100-Day!

6 pages. This alliterative story is a fun addition to your calendar time. Count up to your 100th Day with Sammy.
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Cover 2 vowels go walking

cover name writing

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