100 Numbered Apples


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These apples are perfect for counting up to 100 Day and match the Counting Up to 100 Day Apple Themed packet.

  • Use them as a number line.
  • Run off copies for your students to make an apple counting booklet.
  • Make an extra set and use in your Math Center so students can practice sequencing.
  • Make up two extra sets and have students play with a partner to see who can sequence a particular group of numbers the fastest.
  • Use as flashcards to identify those difficult "teen" numbers.
  • Use as a flashcards for "What comes next?" or to begin counting from a certain number, or to count backwards and "Blast Off!"
  • Make double sets to make Memory Match Concentration games.
  • Put a set of numbers on an apple tree bulletin board.  Have Johnny Appleseed steal an apple each day and see if your students can guess which numbered apple he took. 
  • Pass out a set of 20 apples (or however many students you have) and play "I Have; Who Has?"


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