6 pages.

Flip For Facts File Folders are a great precursor to writing a report.  Students find factual information and put it into their own words.  Includes a sample you can share with your students, as well as tips and links for how to do Online citations.

11 pages.

These dental hygiene-themed puzzles will help your students count forwards and backwards, as well as skip count by 10's to 100.

2 pages.

Something just for fun.  Poster + matching bookmark.

9 pages.

Find out about your students' dental hygiene with these 8 interesting graphing activities.

10 pages.

Help your students learn to identify the fronts and backs of coins by making this mobile.  Also includes coin templates for the half dollar and dollar.  You can include the paper dollar at the top with a student's photo over George Washington's, or leave it at just a penny, nickel, dime and quarter coin dangler. 

4 pages.

To save time, simply print and fill in your information. 

5 pages.

This is a simple, quick and easy valentine card that your students will enjoying making.  A black and white as well as full color template are included + directions of how to make a heart-shaped thumbprint paperweight or magnet.

18 pages

Here are some public domain vintage valentines for you to print for your students or that special someone. Various sizes included to conserve ink.

4 pages.

Run off the heart pattern on a variety of pastel colors of construction paper, or for more pizzazz, print it off on patterned scrapbook paper that has a plain flip side.  Students cut out their heart and then fold it on the dashed lines, creating an envelope!  Encourage students to write something inside,  or give them a poem or writing prompt.   I've included a page of suggestions.

6 pages.

You can simply have children cut on the bold line of their folded paper (they will be amazed to see they have created a whole heart when they unfold it) or you can have children cut the heart and "scrap" paper in half and glue them to another sheet of paper to make a positive-negative reverse piece of art. 

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