Leap Year

4 pages. A great math extension for Leap Day! Give students the 3 rules to figure out past and future Leap Years and have them answer the mystery question: When were the last Leap Years and when will the next one be? Finish up with the bookmark and a ju

18 pages. Students will enjoy trying to solve the mystery of what animal stole the shapes as they trace and write the shape word as well as trace the shape around the animal. Includes graphing extensions, a song, games, and an art center.

10 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d Your students will enjoy making and collecting these 6 different animal sliders. Use them as a fun way to assess students too!

45 pages. A variety of fun table top activities for your students for Leap Day.
16 pages. Writing prompts that are sure to interest your students on Leap Day. Turn them into 4 different class books. Includes fun graphing extensions as well.
6 pages. Use these nursery rhymes with your main unit, or specifically for your Leap Day activities, as they all involve leaping or jumping. To help get the wiggles out, read a few rhymes during your story time and have the students act them out by le

10 pages. Common Core State Math Standard: 1.MD.3 Help students learn to tell time with Lizzy Lizard. Great for any time, but especially cute for your Leap Day activities.

12 pages. Interesting activities for your frog themes as well as a nice plug in for your Leap Day activities too!
31 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d These cards are not only perfect for your frog-theme, but great for Leap Day activities as well.

4 pages. A fun way to review a penny, nickel, dime and quarter. Students choose a partner and race to achieve .29 cents first.