7 pages. Your students' spatial direction skills will be something to roar about after they complete this grrr-eat listening and follow direction cut and paste booklet!
7 pages. Students enjoy zapping the sheep with an X as they try to solve the math mystery while tracing the subtraction equations.
8 pages. Your students' knowledge will be ship shape or is that sheep shape by the time they complete this adorable booklet!
11 pages. Counting sheep is lots of fun when you count from 10 to 1. Then do it again, from 1 to 10. Singing this favorite tune helps out with addition and subtraction skills!
78 pages flying high with fun!
7 pages. Children will enjoy zapping those kites with an X as they practice their subtraction skills.
8 pages. Fly high little kite! What's your favorite shaped kite?
7 pages. Children will be soaring through spatial directions while cutting and pasting their kites on the pages of this adorable booklet.
12 pages. Students will be flying high with their counting skills making this little 1-10 kite booklet.
3 pages. Here are some of the magic tricks I do in March. You can read, save, or print this.
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