8 pages. What a fun way to review shapes by making each stamp a different one!
7 pages. What's the shape of the buckle on my pilgrim's hat?
13 pages. Students trace a variety of lines inside a seasonal shape. One for each month.
6 pages. I make these fold-out fans with my students and use them for all sorts of skill-building activities, like learning how to count, identify and write numbers, upper and lowercase letters, their name, as well as identify shapes or even colors.
7 pages. Perfect for 1st grade and older to do, or for younger students as a read aloud and wonderful pre-reading shape review!
6 pages. This easy reader reinforces spatial directions and is a fun way to review/teach 3D shapes. Students trace the words and shapes as well as cut out butterflies and place them in the appropriate positions on the pages.
8 pages. Your students will enjoy coloring these lovely butterflies as they review the 6 basic shapes.
7 pages. What a fun way to review a circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, square, and heart shape!
8 pages. Clouds come in many shapes and sizes, but here are some with shapes ON them!
8 pages. Your students' knowledge will be ship shape or is that sheep shape by the time they complete this adorable booklet!
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