9 pages. Students will enjoy reviewing shapes with these adorable penguins.

13 pages. A fun way to review the circle shape.

32 pages Here's a mini office just for math! Your students will love having a file folder filled with pertinent facts and important information right at their fingertips!
22 pages. This easy reader incorporates 19 kindergarten sight words + color, shape and number words. You'll love the versatility of teaching with this booklet!
15 pages. Uh Oh! It's Halloween and these spooky triangles can be seen! Count them if you dare!
8 pages. Review the 6 basic shapes in this cute booklet.
4 pages. Students trace, write read and draw in this wonderful easy reader that reviews the 6 basic shapes.
8 pages. Students enjoy tracing & writing shape words as well as cutting and gluing the basic shapes to their matching pages.
12 pages. Can your students help the baby monkey figure out what shape his banana is?

7 pages. Your students will really enjoy this interactive story that reinforces the basic shapes.

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