Booklet: What Shape Is My Banana?


12 pages. Can your students help the baby monkey figure out what shape his banana is?

My Monkey Mania unit is a wonderful theme to plug in at the beginning of the year when you're introducing numbers and letters with fun songs like "No More Monkey's Jumping On The Bed" and the story Chicka Boom!

I put up a b. board Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Look who's in my classroom complete with palm trees and a monkey with everyone's name on it. (Click on the photo) As part of our open house scavenger hunt my students have to find the monkey with their name on it as well as their Captain Capital magnetic letter on their locker which they get to take home as a special prize.

This booklet reviews all the basic shapes and introduces a new one, the crescent!

Students trace the shape and the shape word.

Read the book aloud as a whole group to reinforce concepts of print and your little ones won't be monkeying around.

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