Free Pumpkin Art And Activities II


Your little "punkins" can practice all sorts of skills and report cards standards in these 42 pages of pumpkin-themed fun! Combine these with my other PUMPKIN related items and you're all set for a wonderful month of pumpkin-licious activities sure to please!

Practice your counting, singing the ABC song,  and  verbal acuity by identifying shapes, letters and numbers, and make a pumpkin slider,  or make a string of pumpkins. number them and cover skip counting.

Get in some math (graphing and tallying) and listening skills by making a  pumpkin glyph, and finish it off with a Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater nursery rhyme and cover all sorts of fun skills. 

There's also 13 other pumpkin skill sheets including a snip and cut. Run the pumpkins off on two different colors of copy paper. Snip the bottom lowercase "stems" off one color and give them to the children with the uppercase lettered pumpkins of the other color.  They glue their lowercase stem to the matching uppercase-lettered  pumpkin.

The two colors of paper help them "see" things better.  Anyway...there's a lot here;  so have a great time "...rolling into the night!"


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