4 pages.

Mazes are wonderful higher-level thinking activities, that help exercise student brains.  They are nice to handout to "early finishers" or run some off and tuck in your sub folder.  There are 4 pumpkin mazes from easy (for PreK) to more difficult.

16 pages.

Help students practice upper and lowercase letter recognition, with this fun, self-checking activity.  The alphabet cards, can also be used for a variety of other games. Packet includes: an idea sheet, a blank template to program with whatever, Kaboom cards for more games, + a personal "pumpkin pal" tally sheet, so children can keep track of their results and practice math skills too!

5 pages.

A quick, easy and fun way to help your students understand number sense is to practice 1-to-1 correspondence.  Pinching small manipulatives to place them onto the matching numbered pumpkin, is a great fine motor skill too! If you like these cards, be sure and check out the matching apple set.

13 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.4, RF.K.1d, L.1.1a

Help students practice letter recognition with these fun search and find "craftivities."  Children choose a fall template, trace it, cut it out and then search for upper and lowercase letters that begin with that particular shape: i.e. a child who chooses an apple, will look for Aa's. They circle and count the letters as they go.  The matching worksheet, has a child predict how many letters they think they will find.  Later, they fill in the rest of the data.  Two graphing extensions are also included.

5 pages.

Glyphs are a quick, easy and fun way to show if students are listening and following directions.  Students enjoy them, and they are an interesting way to get to know your students.  Extend the activity, by hiding the names, and giving each child someone elses glyph, to find out whose it is, via interveiwing.  Your students are then practicing problem-solution, collecting and analyzing data and then coming to a conclusion of whose glyph they have.

16 pages.

These games are a wonderful way to practice life skills, as well as a variety of math standards.

3 pages.

Help reinforce number word recognition, with this quick and easy apple matching game.  Print, laminate and trim.  Students pinch a clothespin to the number that matches the number word on the apple.  This is a great fine motor skill.  So that students can self-check their work, mark an X on the correct answer on the back of the card.

25 pages.

Use these versatile pumpkin-themed number cards, in a variety of ways: pocket cards, a number line, games: "I Have; Who Has?" and Memory Match. Make up equations, show greater and less than etc.

23 pages.

The Counting Pumpkins packet, will help reinforce number recognition, counting from 1-120, counting from any number to whatever, and skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, and 10's. It includes pumpkin anchor charts + "What's Missing?" worksheets.

16 pages.

Reinforce number recognition, counting, ordinal numbers, sequencing, subitizing, listening and following directions, as well as a variety of life skills, while children enjoy playing these 7 quick and easy pumpkin math games.

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